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21 November 2009 @ 06:35 pm
Latest update on my real life. Rate events accordingly. :sigh:

1. Last semester. YES I SHALL BE GRADUATING ON MARCH. and yet i didn't feel much of my college adventures worth it. I love my friends, considering I only count my past housemates (yes for my whole 4th year I'd decided to stop living in the dormitories, just when thesis started. FIGURES) as my friends. That would be 9, counting the extended friends already. I have problems regarding my social life i mean even my dad has admitted that my boyfriend is my laptop + hard drive.

2. That REMOVALS. So I study in State University, which, unlike the other schools in my country, offer a sort of 'purgatory' to students who didn't fail the subject, but also didn't manage to pass. to be relieved of being in this purgatory, the student takes a removal exam, sort of a do-or-die. I just recently took mine (for a major subject, WELL THANK YOU BIG SISTER SCREW ME SOME MORE) and I got a score fit for the purgatory, AGAIN. I'm a senior already, so I'll just be retaking the subject, and whatever my score will be the one recorded in the transcript. Beats getting a 5 (fail), I guess.

3. Taking Phys Ed. And that's wrong, because PE was supposed to be finished during sophomore year. Miraculously I got an incomplete, which hey, I think I deserved for attending about 4 of 25 classes. Can't blame me for being allergic to chlorinated water though, just like all those bothersome skin irritations that hinder me from being a surgeon or crocodile hunter. And guess what, my PE for this semester is ADVANCED SWIMMING. Kill me, why don't you.

4. My glasses broke. Well they've been dysfunctional since May last year, screw getting loose and grade too low for my nearsightedness. Yesterday was the last straw; I was nauseous all day, I almost puked in a mall because of my eyes. And so I got my eyes checked and applied for new eyeglasses. I'm so independent lol, my dad's not even here! Haha. My eyes are now graded 525 (originally 600, but hey, the optometrist said I could see 20/20 in 525, so yeah).

5. Owl eyes. Uhm, I also got contact lenses (yes shopping spree while the parents are eating it up in Vegas and Disneyland and celebrating Pacquiao's 7th victory and Thanksgiving). Ever since I started wearing glassed during 2nd grade--12 years damnit-- I've had issues with contact lenses BECAUSE I AM ALLERGIC TO THEM. Well two out of fifteen substances trigger my allergy, so that's not much of a surprise. But hey, I finally wanted to try contact lenses again. Which resulted in this:

I have owl eyes, courtesy of Charcoal-colored soft lenses. I hope I don't rip them off before the three-month usage period. Allergy development is also a no-no. PLEASE. :D

6. Fandom. Is it me, or is JE quiet? This has reached the extent that I am listening to more SM and YG songs these days. That can't be good for me, I can already tell. Not much shows to watch these days, or maybe the subbing comms are just busy with their real lives as well. I want ROMES and My Girl, and concert DVDs are always happy distractions. Take Loveless for example, loved the song all in all, but Yamashita in high notes isn't a match. Toma's been busy for movies and such, so no much news from him yet. Akanishi in LANDS doesn't quite get me-- I watched MSte and I loved the music, hated the voice and lyrics. >_< Plus points for Jin's hair, though, that's my typical drugged hairstyle when I'm cramming for exams. Please let TackeyTsuba exist once more. If you had planned on making them roadkill there was no point in letting them debut as a duo during 2002 you know. KANJANI IS ON FIRE, and for that I am truly grateful. KANJANIJANIJANIJANIJANI my flailpost for them is still on the works, probably before Valentines/White Day lol. Arashi is a very happy fandom and group all in all, so maybe I'll update on them after my thesis blows over. V6 is in Asia GAHHHHHHHH. I love how JE boys can get concerts in Korea and Taiwan and China even when the only singles/albums they release are Japanese. They don't need all that cross-marketing jazz to be world famous. Well, the boss is the WORLD-FAMOUS JOHNNY after all.

7. Thesis. Draft to be passed tomorrow, AND WE ARE NOT EVEN CLOSE TO 10%. Seppuku, anyone?

lol random rubberband on the floor of our faculty's office. I promise you I didn't touch that thing.
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Current Music: SHINee - Ring Ding Dong
Annalastingdreams8 on November 21st, 2009 06:16 pm (UTC)
Cool contacts and awesome rubberband! :D
I hope your classes continue to go well :D
kynseidkkynseidk on November 23rd, 2009 05:37 am (UTC)
♥♥♥ thank youuuu.

i hope my classes do go well. haha. if there was a course on JE i'd have shifted a long time ago. i guess fandom doesn't have any benefits except for the giggly happy kirakira feeling a fangirl gets when JE boys are in sight. ♥♥♥

how have you been lately? :)
Annalastingdreams8 on November 23rd, 2009 08:03 am (UTC)
lol JE is good for many things that are just not palpable :D
My semester's still not over, so I'm struggling over final papers and exams and blah:/ lol
It'll be over soon enough :)
kynseidkkynseidk on November 23rd, 2009 11:25 am (UTC)
maaa, we have sparkly boys to keep us company whether it's schooldays or vacation. haha. but i hope you find enough inspiration and get enough time to finish studying for exams and writing all those papers. I know how it is to cram. ganbatte! *_*